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Deconstructed tiramisuSun, 27 January 2013

  • Deconstructed tiramisu - Deconstructed tiramisu at last nights event @ Peregrine Winery

    Deconstructed tiramisu at last nights event @ Peregrine Winery  

Yesterday was a beautiful hot day in the Gibbston Valley for Annie-marie and Gareths special day, blue bird skies and no wind.....a little too hot in the kitchen!

On the menu was our deconstructed tiramisu w kahlua, orange and chocolate. We take elements from a classic tiramisu which are coffee, mascarpone, cocoa and alcohol and we play around with them to create something special and exciting to eat. One of the coffee and alcohol elements is Kahlua, which we make a thin jelly using agar agar, then orange mascarpone is piped onto it then rolled into a cylinder shape. Another is coffee soil, which is a shortbread with freshly ground coffee added, baked off, then crumbled to resembled soil. The cocoa element is added to a meringue and shaken over the top to give it that classic tiramisu look it always has. The mascarpone has orange liquer and freeze dried mandarin added and quenelled onto the plate with a piece of dried mandarin on top. Also added is a chocolate element in the form of paint and white chocolate powder made from maltodextrin.

This is currently available from our plated menu options.